The Eternity Gate - Bolinda Audio CD

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This Audio CD is autographed by Traci Harding. Please note that Traci had to remove external plastic to enable her to sign the inside cover

Published: February 01 2014

Read by: Rupert Degas

Number of CDs / Tapes: 11

Duration: 13 hours 59 minute


Earth's ancient past, the future of the planet Kila, the Timekeepers universe of origin, the primordial era when the Nefilim first ruled the galaxy and a timeless universe of utter darkness, are all periods vital to advancing human consciousness.

After surviving Ancient Zhou, the Timekeeper's efforts turn to rescuing the planet Kila from its ill-fated future. But a mishap in the remote mountains of Tibet before departure provides a nemesis with the perfect opportunity to launch a time-hopping vendetta against them. There is nowhere in this universe to hide

The discovery of a gate thought to lead to several universes provides more than just the means to undermine their stalker; it offers the chance to remember their lives as the Grigori, who once dwelt with the fallen Elohim, in the dark universe beyond the Eternity Gate..